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if you’re looking to download free music that you can listen to at any time even when you’re offline you have many choices coming up, I’ll show you the best music websites where you can download thousands of songs for free online all of which are entirely legal while most won’t be from artists down on the Billboard charts besides are a great way to discover new music and variety of genres including pop, rock, hip-hop & classical country and many others

Let’s get started first up in no particular order is ReverbNation launched way back in 2006 the site has helped launch the careers of many well-known artists like imagine dragons. Alabama Shakes and Kacey Musgraves to get recognized they provided their music for free together with a dedicated fan base if you’re looking to discover new music Reverbnation is fantastic. At the same time, they do let you stream every song for free all are not free to download, so I’ll now show you the quick way I use to find the free music downloads on this site here at the top click inside the search box and then hit enter on your keyboard go to the name field and delete undefined check the box next to free mp3s required then click refine results. If you want you can select a specific genre you have a ton of choices I’ll leave this blank for now for me I like to discover music artists from my local area, so I go to a location and select local enter in the city in the state which for me is New. Orleans Louisiana then I search the right select an artist I’ll go with this one here go to music let me scroll down here a bit look for these selected songs the download button if you’re into the blues this is a great song right here from a cool blues artist that most people have never heard of it click on it to download and enjoy.

Next up is the free music archive which is founded by New Jersey-based radio station WFMu in 2009 and has since partnered with more than a dozen other curators offering a ton of free content here’s how you find it in the upper right click on search FM a let’s go to the headings curators will let you select from one of the partners listed there are more than a dozen genres for you to choose from Charts will show you the most popular songs of the past week past month and all-time in this example I’ll select John Rah’s and rock now you’ll see the subcategories for the stone to the right of each song listed is where you’ll find the download button.

Jamendo offers thousands of songs from thousands of artists, all of which is protected with a Creative Commons license. The site is laid out pretty well and easy to navigate so that we won’t spend much time here. You can search by best of trending. Latest and more than a dozen genres to the right of each song is the download button when you select it you’ll be taken to the screen where you have the choice to download that song for free for personal use or if available you can get a license to use it for your commercial projects.

SoundCloud is perhaps the most well known of any site mentioned in this video while it’s great for streaming music finding free music downloads is not as easy as it used to be now I’ll show you where to look if you want to find the free music if you find a song you like below the track click on more and with any luck, you’ll see download file if not that song is not available to be also downloaded on selected tracks keep an eye out for the free download button to the right of more and these will redirect you to a third party site to get the open tract.

Noise trade from paste magazine is a fantastic site if you want to download complete albums or individual tracks for free in exchange to download the free tracks you will need to sign up or sign in with your email or Facebook also if you like what you hear want to support that artist you can click the tip the artist button here on the Left in this example the suggested tip is $6 but you could leave more or less if you want to for you old-timers out there last night FM is one you’re probably familiar with it’s been around since 2002 their music recommendation system builds a detailed profile for each individual user based on their musical tastes by recording details of the tracks they listen to what many users are not aware of is that they can also download songs for free so let’s go to the bottom of the page and goodies select free music downloads the downside is that there are no sort or filter options but if you’ve got the time there are 12 pages worth of music for you to check out to add to your collection.

The Internet Archive, if you go to their audio section with more than 10 million free files, you’ll find music audiobooks podcasts and other cool stuff. It’s not well organized. Still, you can filter the results along with the Left when you find something you want to download scroll down. On the right and download options, you’ll find formats at there’s OGG, and mp3 expand it out and click the download button next to the song this will open a new page I find this works best in a chromium-based browser like Chrome Vivaldi or edge click where you see the three dots and select download to save it to your computer or device.

Soundclick is a top contender you should consider with millions of tunes in their library all music is uploaded by the artists themselves covering a wide range of musical genres and this time let’s go with rock there are drop-down menus to change the musical category and another that will allow you select a subcategory or the type you selected if the song is available for download you’ll see the download icon to the right of the song.

if classical music is your thing Muse open has a fantastic collection of compositions without any copyright restrictions every selection on their site is available to stream or download for free to change things up on this site, you’ll find the download icons to the Left of the songs and if you’re musically inclined use open also hosts more than 100,000 classical sheet music files which are even free to download on the Google Play Store you can also score some legal music to download for free on the Left go to music in the search box type free music these will be listed in three categories songs artists and albums the selection here will vary by region, and you must have an active payment mode connected to your Google account to get the free music


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