This show is based on a graphic novel that’s written by Tom Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller of 300 the Dark Knight Returns Sin City Fame the Frank Miller. I was really curious to see what they’re going to do with this King Arthur lore because it is quite a different spin on the King Arthur lore that we’ve seen done so many times I feel like the King Arthur story has been beaten to death on cinema for the last hundred years but this time it’s a somewhat different take on the legend from the perspective of Katharine Lankford’s character nim way she encounters a young Arthur on his quest to find a powerful ancient sword so basically that King Arthur stuff is told from the perspective of NIM way instead of all the other times we get the King Arthur Merlin stuff but they are main carriers in the show but it’s told mainly through Catholic Lankford who plays in in way did you enjoy the fantasy genre I can definitely see this show being up your alley it does give off vibes of other shows that we’ve seen recently like Game of Thrones and The Witcher just with much less production value

Although that doesn’t mean that the show looks cheap or anything you can definitely tell they put a lot of stuff into the set design and the costumes everyone wears and the violence I was really impressed by just how violent the show was I kind of expect it kind of going in just based off of a lot of the work that we’ve seen from Frank Miller but this show gets really violent I mean hands are getting chopped off I think a couple heads I swear a salt cup chopped off it’s a pretty brutal show not brutal in the same sense as Game of Thrones but brutal enough the main positive for the show I would say actually is Katherine Langford playing in way she does a really good job with the material given to her being the start the season starts off kind of slow to be honest but as progress’s her character does develop a lot as she deals with many different things since she is the lady in the lake as you all know from the King Arthur legend it also becomes interesting because she has this sword called Devils tooth and it starts to as the season goes on kind of influenced her in dark and nefarious ways

I think that adds another interesting element to the storyline she also has really good chemistry with the actor that plays merlin devon Terrell he’s pretty good too I think he’s one of the better Arthur proof interpretations I’ve seen in more recent adaptations but him and also Merlin they’re not like the typical adaptations you’ve seen of these characters done I think that’s really cool that they did at least try to do something different with both Merlin and Arthur in this show the season is 10 episodes long which in most cases I would say is long enough to tell a story in a satisfying way some would say that’s probably in too many episodes but it’s all depending on how you stream content but this season it feels really crammed with a lot of stuff and that’s something that I think is a really big negative especially for the fantasy genre if you try and do too many things in just one season because a lot of shows you know you flush out a lot of this stuff over

the course of many seasons and it’s okay but with fantasy it starts to get a little bit convoluted and I think that’s one of the main issues that cursed has this building lore and keeping you interested in the world that you’re in and the characters aren’t main integral part to fantasy and most John was really but fantasy especially and that comes a point in this season where there’s just too many different characters and too many different varying storylines almost like side quests that it really deviates too much from the main storyline of the show and at points, it does take me a little bit out of the story when I have to go to all these different other characters that I don’t care as much about compared to NIM Way Merlin and Arthur put her up things up

I think if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre you’re gonna get some fun out of this show it’s a pretty decent fun epic it’s 10 episodes long streaming now on Netflix it’s not as good as the heavy hitters of the genre more recently such as Game of Thrones or The Witcher but you’re gonna get something out of it if you like the fantasy genre especially if you like the King Arthur legends but you just want to get that story told from a different perspective for once I think that’s probably one of the more interesting novelties of this show curious to see though.


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