Greyhound was directed by Aaron Schneider and stars Tom Hanks and comes out on Apple TV Plus this Friday from a screenplay that Tom Hanks wrote early in World War two and experienced US Navy captain must lead an allied convoy being stalked by Nazi u-boat wolf pack’s this film was initially pushed back and then eventually because of the pandemic it is now being dropped on Apple TV plus Hanks wrote the script as I said the last time he wrote a movie was Larry Crowne a film he also directed he also wrote and directed that thing you do so this is not the first time he’s ever written a screenplay but this is the first time he’s written a screenplay that he did not direct get lo the 2009 film was the last time Aaron Schneider made a movie I was 11 years ago this is also the first time that Hanks has ever tackled writing a film of this nature his previous two films were very light-hearted movies whereas this is more of a somber film about the horrors of war unfortunately for me basically nothing about this movie really connects the characterization being one of the weakest elements there’s one scene earlier on in the film where Tom Hanks is talking with Elizabeth Shue a woman he would like to marry but he’s got to go out on his boat mission so he asked to leave her back home he has a Bible on the boat he prays a lot and from time to time his feet bleed as far as characterization goes that’s it and it’s a film that keeps asking us to care about characters who are being thrown into life-threatening situations but we don’t because we have no idea who any of them are my friend who watched the film with me described it as relentless but repetitive there’s basically non-stop situations that keep occurring there’ll be one u-boat that’s firing upon them and then here comes a torpedo from another one and when that’s done there’s a fire they have to put out and maybe one of the captain’s friends died along the way and it’s like that constantly without anything new there’s nothing compelling thrown into the mix when you think about other films of this nature like say Hunt for Red October that’s a movie that has all of the things that this movie has but it also has Sean Connery as someone who may or may not be defecting from his country and you don’t know what his plans are there’s a lot of mystery there and when you throw Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan into the mix suddenly things are really exciting or from say Crimson Tide with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman that’s a movie about nuclear bombs that’s on a submarine one man believes I need to launch these things the other man is like no you fucking don’t that’s really exciting and what’s interesting is that Greyhound has almost wall-to-wall action a lot more action than films like crimson tide or Hunt for Red October but it has none of the character or the drama of the situations that those films do and so because of that the film feels really dull Greyhound is a movie about ordinary heroism now obviously the men who really went on these missions are to be commended of course but not everything has to be a movie there’s a reason that movies like hacksaw Ridge get made or Schindler’s List because it takes an extraordinary situation or an extraordinary person who did something massive in the face of all-out evil whereas in this movie Tom Hanks plays a captain who deals with a lot of life-threatening situations as best as possible there’s nothing terribly Investing about that and since the characterization is so weak the film overcompensates with constant plot and constant situations because there is no character so the plot has to control what these people do because they’re basically just mannequins who are operating this boat and the direction has nowhere near as much energy as it should it’s a film that feels like it should really be moving especially since there’s so many things always happening but it never feels that way because the film’s idea of characterization is when Tom Hanks is writing a letter his pencil breaks and he’s got to sharpen all right I’ll keep writing or the cook on the ship who keeps preparing meals for Tom Hanks because he notices that he’s not eating and he just keeps making meals over and over again and Tom Hanks never eats them it’s very awkward actually I knew there was an issue when I saw that a World War 2 era war film on a boat with Tom Hanks is only 90 minutes long that’s a bit of a red flag the best way that I can describe Greyhound is that it’s probably going to be your Grandpa’s favorite new movie I’m gonna give Greyhound a see this is just a average movie.


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