ios 14 beta 2 is out now!


I was voting beta to should be releasing this week or most likely next week a lot of major changes as well as a lot of bug fixes that all of us have experienced previously. I’llbe going through everything you need to know in iOS 14 developer beta 2as well as iOS 14 a public beta as always starting off with the update size(1.5gb) or iOS 14 developer beta 2 but if we take a look back at previous versionswe’ve seen that it came around three to four gigabytes on my iPhone 10 .I’ll remember depending on what device you’re on and working I’ve been on previously your update may vary if we talk about the release date for iOS 40 in thepublic beta we most likely will be seen here on the 9th of July the build numberwill most likely change for iOS 14 beta 2 as we saw in 14-point era which isdeveloper beta 1 it was a V at the end so this was pretty unstable and like.I’ve mentioned before as we moved from build to build you guys will be seeing amore stability more performance and that more battery life as a top priority ifwe scroll down and take a look at the mode and firmware murder firm I changedin beta 1 and will be changed yes again in the beta 2 so if you have anyexperienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues if you have any experience with of courseBluetooth then this may be fixed before I speak about all of the features thatwill probably and most likely be found in I was 14 developer beta 2 I’m gonna quickly pull now in iOS 14 beta 1 all the bugs I have experienced through thispast week the first one is issues with the control center he display for thebattery and at the time would be the other way around so instead it would behorizontal rather than vertical the second thing that I would like to talkabout is that the poetry orientation lock has not been working correctly andalso a few bugs within the control centeritself so if I for example turn it off head over to Twitter I would turn mydevice like this just to show you guys you’ll be able to see that the volumehates you D for both the brightness and that the volume up and down is notcorrect well I don’t know if Apple have changed this for me personally I did notlike this display at all maybe Apple worth of course made it wider for thecontrol center depending on your preferences but for me it’s not reallynice to see and just let me know down in the comment box if you’ve had thisbug as well or if it’s just me anyway moving on to the features that I think Iwas 14 developer beta 2 wolf start receiving is more widget support so ifyou guys didn’t see Twitter actually had their own widget and Apple actuallyshowcased it in their live event so Twitter maybe having a widget which isalready displayed in development as apps get more optimized whether it’sInstagram or this Twitter with of course it’s any other app that you use on youriPhone which is supported on iOS 14 that Apple will have a widget for you todisplay the second feature that I would like Apple to actually change is Siriitself right now of course there’s a ball right in the middle representing Siri and personally I actually like that particular display don’t get me wrongbut maybe have it much more smaller or maybe have a slide down a slide up option so it’s not intrusive it’s not intrusive on the screen and it does notblock the view of course of the apps that are your default in the home section for those who are thinking what is battery life is battery life affected by this developer beta one for me specifically has been the same on iOS 13 particular got my berry half right now done 95 percent so 95 percent with optimized battery turn him off it’s not really that great and users having of course experiencing a downward slow but like I’ve showed and when the charging goes up it all goes up and then you can see a slow going down and if your most recent battery usage has been a thirty five percent that’s it


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