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A movie that I have been looking forward to since October of last year was the Rajesh Krishnan directed film starring a phenomenal cast in Kunal kemu, Rasika dugul,gajraj rawr and Viv shori, Vijay Raz, among several others. 

If you want to label a cast of underrated actors who rarely get the master’s attention well, this ensemble cast represents precisely that while there were accusations of plagiarism against the film that it ripped off the idea from a Nepalese film Jatra that came out in 2016.

The director Rajesh Krishnan has clearly stated that the idea of loot case was conceptualized in 2014 and verbatim said that just because there is a money bag, it doesn’t mean that the entire story is the same the film focuses on a common man by the name of Nandan Kumar played by Kunal kamod that works in a printing press and stumbles upon a red suitcase that has the money of the sum of 10 crores. How absolute confusion ensues due to several parties being involved in the transportation of the bag involving politicians cops, as well as local dons, creates the main crux of the story of lootcase Rajesh Krishna known for his work in the crippling finally got the chance of his directorial feature and minded you this film was struggling to get a theatrical release last year getting right into various aspects of the movie so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this comedic thriller on Disney plus hot star is worth it or not.

Minor elements 

The film that either could have been done away with I found slightly problematic in the storyline’s otherwise seamless development even though the dialogues of the film are its most energetic quality Kunal khemu’s character often goes in grants. Throw away gags in the movie in an otherwise extremely well-written cinema there is a sequence of a celebration which features a song called pavitra party which was a jarring contrast to the way the story was progressing finally quick note for whosoever is depending on subtitles for the film they placed out of sync to the delivery of dialogues which I think Disney plus Hotstar as a platform has to rectify now let’s get to the ethical aspects screenplay the film written by couple sabath and Rajesh Krishnan and for me what stands out regarding the film is it’s methodical.


The film switches timelines throughout its running minutes but has the ability not to overwhelm you with new information but still keep you in the loop of the several factions involved and looking for the suitcase often when there are so many characters all placed towards achieving one goal there can be a tendency to focus on information that doesn’t develop the storyline this film which is 2 hours and 11 minutes long develops intrigue among the audience perfectly till the very end a requirement for any thriller. 


This film and rather kelly here is the representation of the abundant talent we possess in the country and don’t make full use of at all regarding testing their true potential with the ample amount of mediocrity we produce in the form of films and web series kunal kemo is an actor that has barely been given his dues since his adult debut in kalyuk each film that he is featured in even in the ensemble cast appearances he has stood out as one of the best performers be in kalanka or even malang kemo as nandan kumar a common man in a loving marriage with ample affection and content with minimalism fits in this world perfectly kamo has a knack of effortless comedic timing which we saw glimpses off in go go argon and this appearance is a prime example of how he deserves better rasika dugul one of the most talented actors of the country beard her appearances in web or films is spectacular as lata her anxiety and the lack of ration at home her annoyance at nandan smoking and sending money to his sister her happiness of the simple pleasures rasika and kemu’s small house and interactions with one another generally come across as any lower middle class couple that have to survive on a daily and despite the struggle are pleased with each other’s company vijayraz is bala rathor the naggio obsessed don ranvir shorya’s inspector kolter cunning and capable at his mission stand out as critical elements of this film i mean these guys are veterans put in any word give them the characters with the weirdest personality iterates and they portray them with utmost ease the most significant surprise elements are the printing press employer a lonely man who compensates his employees as if doing a favor for.

They and the autorickshaw driver that provides details of Shahrukh khan to identify the person he saw at the scene of the crime the scenes that feature both these characters are hilarious it is gajaraj Rao however as the MLA partel who steals the show the condescension and manipulative tactics of the character to get his work done with the iconic smile as if killing all his subordinates with the surface level kindness Rao presents the phony nature of all public officials that blackmails everyone around him to reach his personal goals.

He does not care about the casualties in the journey and gajaraj Rao merely is hilarious as the MLA dialogues and relatability it is the natural quality of the conversations and the interaction among several characters that are the film’s most robust quality usually villains or heroes have Bollywood movie references as quirks created by the writers but seeing Vijay raj spilling Latin names of animals as analogies to the situations and his annoyance at the fact that his cronies do not subscribe to the Naggio channel is hilarious the Chinese food references the couple make it each other while getting romantic the wife telling her husband “Shadi ka Pahala bolrahata chand thood ka layogga abb aake cylinder Bhi laka Nahai Sakta” continually reminding the people of their crimes threatening them with a grin on his face acting clueless by saying “mai Kuch boltahu log Kuch Aur hi samaj taha” and Ottawa being instructed not to leave town to which he replies “hum auto wala ha sir Buri Gali pa JA nahi sakta” each character with their distinct personality traits stand out and create a lasting impression.

 It’s after a long time that I genuinely had a fun experience of watching a Bollywood movie comedy I want to label it precisely that because we have been fed such utter bull crap in the form of Housefull 4 in pagalpanti in theaters that this is such a breath of fresh air as a well-written well-performed and genuinely funny product the film will remind you of the structure of films like Delhi belly and kamine several factions with their own goals appear in and out of scenes as if a carefully planned choreography and finally who comes out on the other end safe and sound is what you sign up for as the journey commences 

This one is a delightful watch that I can’t recommend enough. I assure you you will have a carefree laugh and a ball watching this one.


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