Motorola One Fusion+ Full Review


Motorola one fusion plus has been out for quite some the time you know about the specs so I’m gonna keep it simple I’m going to divide this review blog into three sections. first the things I like about this phone. second things I’m okay with and third, the things I dislike about this phone now starting with the things I like there’s the display see the display in this phone is something I was excited about I mean this is a no punch-hole display and I like this I mean I’m not sure why makers moved past the pop-up camera design in favour of a punch hole but yeah this kind of looks seamless yeah there’s a slight the chain at the bottom but I like the experience of a full-screen display now there’s what confusion regard in this place so Motorola mentions the display is IPS TFT LCD in its official specs page but when we here TFT what comes to our mind are TFT TN panels with poor viewing angles and bad colours well this isn’t that display I mean this is an IPS display and I think Motorola says IPS TFT LCD because it’s just a way of saying it because at the end of the day PS LCD s are a type of TFT panel so don’t worry this is an IPS display I mean the display here has a fairly high contrast ratio the colours are accurately rendered at least in the natural display more that I’ve been using the viewing angles are good and it’s pride enough I mean I compared the brightness of the Motorola one fusion plus with the real miss 6 Pro and the poco x2 outdoors at max brightness and as you can see them are all visible and the fusion plus is as bright if not more bright than the two phones apart from that, the display here is HDR 10 certified so as your videos and apps like Netflix look great on the display now a higher differential a display like the competition would have been nicer but I think this is a good space ofthat’s what helps with the multimedia experience is the speaker it’s obviously a bottom single speaker but it gets surprisingly loud and yes at max volumes is a bit of distortion but otherwise, it’s pretty good I like it. Another thing I like about the Motorola one fusion plus is the performance see unlike a lot of motor phones off late, this is a phone that matches the competition when it comes to specs and that’s a great thing there’s the Snapdragon 730 g6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage so these are the specs that are kind of the best specs you get in this price range and I’ve been using this phone as my daily driver and if I have to put the performance in a word I’d say great see I switched from the one plus eight and that’s a fast phone and coming from that I was expecting a big downgrade but it hasn’t been a downgrade the fusion plus has been consistent no matter how many apps I’ve opened the background of which app I use there has been no lag on the phone as for gaming there is no problem there – I’m mostly playing pubg mobile at home, these days and the pubg performance on the phone has been great at HD and high it was good but at smooth and extreme it was almost flawless I mean even after two hours of pubg mobile there was no heating issue at all yeah the phone even does not get warm so that is great now pubg mobile runs with this black bar in the bottom which is a software glitch and I tried fixing this but yeah there’s no fix apparently anyway I hope Motorola fixes this with an update now a pubg later part I have no complaints on the performance front from this phone because it’s just top-notch and what also helps is the fact that this phone comes with stock Android there’s Android 10 onboard and it’s stock Android almost stopped because there are a few more – additions but it’s just so clean and nice it’s a refreshing change in this price segment I mean just look at the UI there’s no bloatware at all there are no ads at or this is what we’ve been missing in this price segment and it’s a a big refreshing change like I said from me while me UI and one UI now this is the thing that has made me truly like this phone and I think this is the the biggest selling point of the fusion plus I mean even the more features are pretty good and very minimal there are these gestures you can use to quickly open up camera torch etc and a lot of other things there’s the more display the an ambient display like feature which has always liked the more phones and there’s a new gaming mode now these features don’t feel inclusive because they’re all part of this one app so you have a software experience from this phone like I said is the best for all user’sgetting this pricing no company the second segment of the whole blog the things I’m kind of okay with first-up there are the cameras this is the quad camera setup you get with the phone and I’m putting the cameras in the okay list because the cameras aren’t back it’s just a mixed bag so no 64 megapixel Sampson sensor is the highlight here and well it does quite good daytime photos look good with just the right natural colours and the contrast I mean just look at this photo of my bicycle, it’s great some photos do look a bit soft and some photos look a bit too natural but a lot of people like non boosted photos so you like them you know like though things are kind of mixed I mean most budget phones struggle in low-light but I expected a 64-megapixel sensor to capture more light than it did it’s not bad some of the photos are good and sharp but a lot of photos are a bit on the darker side and the lights aren’t handled very gracefully having said that the night the mode here is surprisingly good here’s the photo without the night mode and now take a look at the photo with the night modeep the difference is pretty big here are a couple of more shots and yeah the night mode has been pretty good for me you know it’s fairly good shots from the primary camera the Motorola one fusion plus also takes some pretty good portrait mode charts and there’s also good macro shot something I never thought I’d say good macro shots yes I just said that this phone takes good macro shots I cannot believe it myself I mean I was just capturing macro shots in my balcony expecting bad results like most macro lenses in smartphones but the results as you can see aren’t bad at all trust me it was surprising and I think it’s pretty good because there’s autofocus as well what wasn’t surprising was the portrait mode choice edge detection was mostly on point the phase details were kind of decent and the blur did not seem very artificial so the camera seemed fairly good except for maybe the low-light performance up from the primary cameras so where is that big negative that makes me okay with the cameras well the cameras falter when it comes to some ultra-wide-angle a lens so the ultra-wide-angle lens here is a bit inconsistent sometimes it takes nice shots like this one here but on a lot of occasions it just does not match the colours of the main sensor look at these shots I mean the details aren’t there and you can just see it but that’s kind of affected with ultra-wide-angle sensors but the difference in the colours between the main and the ultra-wide-angle photo is just a big difference and it’s disappointing to me now coming to videos the phone supports 4k 30fps videos yeah there’s no 60fps support but anyway the videos look fairly good and here’s a 4k the video I shot from the forum this is a the video I shot late in the evening while I was cycling the video is pretty stable so that is pretty good yes there’s a bit of shaking is going on if you look closely but overall it’s a pretty good quality video welcome to selfies there’s a pop-up camera here that takes some detailed and sharp selfies yup the selfies look good as long as the light is good just don’t take portrait selfies because they look artificial as you can see other than that I think the selfie camera here is pretty good not to be honest except for the ultra-wide-angle lens and maybe the low-light photos from the primary camera I found the Motorola or diffusion pluscameras to be fairly decent and it’s not the best camera phone in this price segment. I am okay with is the battery and charging now, to be honest, I’m more than ok with the battery performance of the phone
you see the big 5000mah battery coupled with stock Android in this phone make sure that the phone lasts long I mean just check out the sots that I got from this fourth yep as you can see me always got more than 9 hours of screen on time and as you can see my usage includes pubg sessions YouTube a lot of other things everything so this is pretty impressive I mean more than nine houses screen on type I mean starting the day at a hundred per cent I would easily go to the second day and that’s when I’m using my phone extensively these days so the battery life is pretty good the part I’m not okay with is charging on this form the phone comes with this 18-watt turbo power charger which takes 42 minutes to charge the phone from 10 to 50 per cent and 2 hours 28 minutes to get 200 person that’s a lot of time and yeah this would have been fine back in the day but in 20 do any not so sure I even tried charging this phone with the 27-watt charger. I talked about there’s the fact that the fingerprint scanner is pretty fast and there’s also the headphone jack but the problem with this design is that there are more problems in this design I mean this is a phone that’s pretty thick at nine point six millimetres and it weighs 210 grams so this is a hefty form I mean I got used to it so maybe you can’t do but yeah this phone feels big another the thing I don’t like is the three buttons on the right the Google assistant button the volume rockers and the pod but now I like the dedicated Google assistan button but these three buttons combined make up for a cluttered the experience I mean it’s been a week since I’ve been using this phone and me still haven’t got used to it I have always accidentally press some other buttons so yeah it’s a lot of experience another the thing I dislike here is the fact that the front has no display protection whatsoever no gorilla glass nothing so you have don’t remove that screen protector this also the fact that the the phone has a hybrid dual sim microSD slot which might be a problem for people who use both the dual sim and micro SD cards this is not a big issue but I just wanted to mention it apart from that the Motorola 1 fusion plus does not have face unlocked and that’s obviously because the pop-up the camera is just very slow yeah take a look yeah slow very slow now another big negative in this phone is the fact that it does not have a comp pass a ka magnetometer so what does this mean now let me explain see with no compass onboard the device does not know your orientation or in which direction you’re facing for Ex: Google Maps works fine for me but since there’s no compass it did not know my direction now Google Maps did understand the direction once I started moving but yeah it’s weird why the phone does not have a compass lastly I want to talk about connectivity so the fusion plus works fine with my water phone same you get voltage support and the call quality is great too no problems here.


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