New Moon in Cancer – how to prepare for a New Moon Ceremony


What is a New Moon?

New Moons occur every month when the moon is located between the sun and the earth. The moon is not visible, and the sky is dark. But we feel the moon’s energies anyway. A New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle and a good time for an energetic reset. Each lunar cycle brings us new possibilities, new truths, and a new mindset if we want to.

New Moon in Cancer

Just like the sun goes through phases and changes signs, the moon does this as well. Tonight we have the New Moon in Cancer, which means the moon stands in the zodiac sign of Cancer in the sky.
All zodiac signs are separated into the four different elements fire, water, air and earth, and Cancer is a water sign. Water signs are sentimental and emotional. Since the moon influences our feelings and emotions, you might feel a little romantic these days. Your personal sign doesn’t have to be a Cancer to feel the New Moon’s energies since the moon affects every one of us as a collective. You can imagine your emotions like waves. They’re coming and going. What you are feeling right now is temporary and not meant to be forever. So if you’re feeling a little bit sad today or want to have a little cry, it’s okay. Your feelings are visitors that come and go.

What to do on a New Moon?

New Moons are a good time to set new intentions. It’s like planting a new seed. On New Moons, take some time to go inward, review what you experienced in the last weeks and how your life has been unfolding. Especially on this day, where we have both the sun and the moon in Cancer, it’s the perfect time to center and ground yourself, take some me-time and listen to what your intuition wants to tell you. There are several things you can do on a New Moon that help you to connect with your soul and your inner guiding system.


One of the best tools is journaling. Writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions can be so liberating. Especially on New Moons, it’s a great tool to connect with your inner being.
Grab a journal or a simple sheet of paper and a pen and write down your intentions for the upcoming weeks. Write down what you want to accomplish and achieve in your life. It’s also a time to dream. Let the logic get passed you and concentrate on your soul’s wishes. How should your dream life look like? Which scenarios do you want to make happen? What do you want to experience? Turn your mind off and just let your pen flow. The answers are already within you. There is no right or wrong when writing your intentions down. Just let it flow.

Creating a vision board

Since New Moons are a good time to plant seeds and visualize your dream-reality, you can use a vision board that supports you in that. Writing down your desires and intentions is helpful, but having something in a visible form even accelerates the process of manifestation. When we see images, we often get a deeper feeling of something than only writing down words. You can create your own vision board by grabbing a white canvas and decorate it with pictures that correspond to your intentions. For this, you can go through magazines and cut out photos of things you want to manifest in your life and glue it on the canvas. Or you can look for pictures on the Internet, print them out and glue them on as well. There are no limitations to what you can put on your canvas. These can be materialistic objects such as your dream house or a pair of shoes but also immaterial desires like your dream holiday destination, a relationship, or a feeling that you want to experience.
Tip: Also look for positive and affirmative words and quotes that you can add on your canvas. This way, you’re always reminded of what you want to manifest.
“I believe in myself.”
“I attract positivity into my life.”
“I’m always supported.”
“I expect miracles.”
Once you’re finished, place your vision board on a spot that you see daily such as your desk or nightstand. This way, you’re constantly reminded of your dreams. Always be in a state of gratitude when you look at it. See these things as already accomplished and be thankful already.

Yoga flow

New Moons and Full Moons are a great time to relax and go with the flow. And what would be better than ending the day with a lunar flow? Step on your mat (or another base if you don’t have a yoga mat) and move your body. You don’t have to be a professional at all to start with yoga. Nor have you to be fully flexible. The moon teaches us that we’re all going through phases. And since New Moons are the beginning of the lunar cycle, it’s a good time for you, to start something new. When you’re not familiar with yoga, you can search for various yoga tutorials and beginner flows on the Internet. Also here: turn off your mind and don’t aspire to be perfect. Just go with the flow. It will benefit your physical body as well as your mental health.

Listen to your intuition

Whether it’s dancing, meditating, cooking, or painting – make sure to take some time for yourself and ground yourself. For each of us self-care looks differently, but in the end we know which activity it is that nourishes our soul. When you follow this activity and practice it regularly, you will find inner peace within your heart and mind. Take some time on this Cancer New Moon and connect with your intuition by dancing, meditation, cooking, or whatever feels right for you. Be present in this very moment and devote yourself to it.

Oracle Card Reading

If you want some guidance in your life, maybe you want to pull an oracle card. There are different kinds of decks out there. Just make your research and the one that’s right for you will find its way to you. Oracle cards help you to answer your soul’s questions. You can either pick a card a day or pick cards intuitively whenever you feel it. Especially New Moons are a great time. The current energies help you to remind you of your intended path and give you a feeling that you are where you are meant to be.

Come together

You can either spend New Moons alone or with a group of people to hold a New Moon ceremony together. Also, during the time of Corona, you can still come together – if not in person, you can connect with your friends and hold a Zoom live circle. Together you can exchange about your visions and create an intimate space where every emotion can be felt. Show yourself vulnerable. Cry if you want to, laugh if you want to. Coming together with people you love, creates a feeling, or brotherhood/sisterhood and supports you in your life’s visions. Together you can meditate, do yoga, burn incense sticks, or talk about your intentions and realizations.

Have you ever prepared for a New Moon or even hold a New Moon circle?

Happy New Moon!


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