OnePlus U1 55-inch 4K HDR TV Review: Best TV under 50000?


we have for you today is a review of the one plus u TV which is a 55-inch Radian the why is there thirty two and forty-three inch HD and Full HD variant and as of recording this video we do not know the price of the 55-inch television so we are gonna think of it as under fifty thousand rupees because that’s the only the thing that’s been confirmed to us so we are going to presume that the price is somewhere between the forty-six and fifty thousand rupee price point and are going to draw our conclusions based on that so let’s quickly start with the build and design of the TV now the first the thing that you will notice is that the TV is really really slim and slimmer than one plus new flagship smartphones and it just goes thick at the bottom where all the components are and it has a nice finish to it if you look at it from the front you have three sides which are bezel-free and just the bottom bezel which is slightly thick even from the sides, it has this gunmetal finish which makes it look premium now the feet also have this nice aluminium kind of a finish to it making it sturdy the only thing is that the tabletop feet are wide so you may want to consider the size of your entertainment centre as you can see from our footage of the TV as to how it is and how it will stand we’ve seen other televisions the launch which has two positions for the feet so you can place a largerTV in a smaller entertainment centre but that is not the case out here now when it comes to connectivity options all of they are placed on the side you have three HDMI ports two USB ports you have Ethernet optical it also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and there’s a nice cover that hides all the ports when they are not in use or if you aren’t going to use the ports or if you’re going to use a few of them you can route them through the covering as well to give it a nice clean finish if you use too many cables as we tried it with three HDMI cables and the back the cover didn’t close completely so that’s something to keep in mind but this nice clean cover finish that you get with the television is good overall the build of this TV is premium and top-notch it will stand out from the crowd, it has a very industrial design it has a sturdy build with a wall-mounted I put it on a tabletop it is going to grab your attention and the tabletop feet hold the TV in position well so the build and design of the team is good to let’s move on to the remote control now the remote control we get is pretty similar to the one we got last year with much needed changes the wall you has moved from the side with the frontwith a dedicated mute button thank God for that and it has a better grip you have dedicated buttons for crime videos and Netflix a Settings button the Google assistant button back the directions and the OK button you also get a dedicated buttons to launch either the Android TV UI or one plus’s UI which is very reminiscent of a patch wall to give you a reference although the build of the remote is functional it is a little plasticky some people may not like that and rather than having us be seeing chargeability you need batteries for this one to run so keep that in mind you have the IR in front of switch it on and off and the rest of it can be controlled even by holding the remote like this because it is a Bluetooth enabled or remote control it’s functional it’s great some people might find it a little class to key some people might some people might prefer the second-gen remote control that was launched last year the black one but I think it’s functional it’s ok it’s good it gets the job done I just wish the d-pad was at the bottom and all these functions were up top because once you Press the on button going back to the UI is not something that you do often so for a more ergonomic grip maybe the d-pad could have been at the lower half of the remote control that it’s, it’s just how I feel otherwise it’s a functional remote it isn’t as slim as the previous one which makes it easier to grip and use so that’s great when it comes to the remote controller moving over to the picture quality performance has a 60 Hertz panel it’s a VA panel it’s a 4k panel it’s supposed HDR and Dolby vision and we played our a standard slew of content on this television and we’d like to tell you that the performance of this team is good now you can learn the settings and switch off the ultra-smooth thing but when it comes to dot V vision content like the altered carbon sequence we usually play or our the planet which is another show on Netflix which has some great content to consume an HDR especially the god rays coming into the jungles and some of the dark sequences or in the forest that they show it all looks good even if you watch SDR content in the form of shows like Yung Sheldon or movies like Mission Impossible which is there now on Netflix, it’s an SDR and it is in 1080p only all this content also looks rich vibrant it’s great the only the feedback that I have a rather suggestion for you guys at home is if you are watching HDR content you might want to pump up the backlighting and the contrast as high as you can or as high as it looks good up to because the higher the backlighting the higher the contrast the better the differences between the darkest and the brightest sequences happening on the screen at the same time will be so that’s just a suggestion now when it comes to content like let’s say the Grand Tour which is there on prime videos it’s also an HDR it’s great with all these vibrant cars running through the desert in the opening episode of the first season even if you watch a movie like Mad Max on prime videos which has Doc which has this yellow warm palette hood but still maintains neutrality with other colours now a lot of TVs which tilt towards the warmer tones suffer with such content but it looked pretty good on this TV the only place where it suffered from a little bit of warmth in the content was in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Xbox One X that we played and you can make other the minute you switch the TV to game mode you do get that bit of warmth in the colour and you can change that it is very subtle if you don’t know what you’re looking for you may not even see it but it is there now coming to this the cons or you know what I wish the panel did better was low light or dark sequence performances in a well-lit room so as you can see probably from the footage, you’re watching right now of the last of us that we played or even a Forza horizon or Gears of War you can see a reflective the panel gets in a bright room so you might want to draw the curtains and create as much darkness in the room as possible if this is the kind of content you’re gonna watch a game like spider-man where we are swinging towards the sunset it has beautiful rich colours the highlights of the Sun looks a great show considering the price point that is a slight loss in the detail in certain sections but honestly you’re not going to notice it if you don’t know what you’re looking for that’s how nice the panel is but the low-light performance of some low-light content will make the panel reflective it’s a VA panel so it is going to be reflective that’s the only core of this the panel so if you can’t control the lighting in your room when you’re playing a game like The Last of Us or watching a movie or a TV show that is in darkness then you might just you know consider drawing the curtains when it comes to the UI like I said you have the option of the Android TV UI and one plusses own UI one plus also brings with it features like data saver which is there which we’ve also seen on the Xiaomi TV so if you are someone that doesn’t have a high FUP or has a daily limit you can use this to control the amount of data your TV consumes you also see an aggregation of how much data has been consumed over some time so that is another great feature when it comes to the sound output, you have 30 watts of output it has pretty decent when it comes to vocals it’s pretty decent for watching news for watching TV shows even for watching a few movies and playing games but if you’re gonna play a game like let’s say doom eternal which has this really good rock music in the background or you are going to watch an action movie which has a lot of bangs and dialogues at the same time you are going to miss a soundbar but the overall output considering it said tv down-firing 30 watt speakers for drivers it is pretty good especially if you just want to watch regular movies and TV shows so considering that we thought that the 1 plus q1 Pro that launched last year with the slide-out the sambar and its spine like the thin stand was in value for money at 1 lakh of rupees despite having a Q LED panel this TV is great so the value it brings under 50,000 rupees of the price and the features the mobile app one plus is connect app which we tested using an Android TV work which we tested using an Android smartphone worked well you can use the volume rocker to control the volume you can switch apps using the smartphone’s UI you can control the UI of the television by swiping around you can call up the Google assistant do a lot of things with the app are available on iOS as well if that is something that you are looking for so let’s just kind of summarize this review of this TV it comes with a great build and design considering the price point and it looks very premium it has a good panel for consuming content be it in HDR or regular SDR and if you are going to watch movies and TV shows which are bright which are vibrant you’re gonna have a good time some low light some low lit content be it games like The Last of Us or shows which have a lot of dark sequences are going to make the panel look reflective and you are gonna have to draw the curtains but you can’t bump up the backlight and the contrast to help with this to a certain extent and a show like altered carbon like we said where you have a mix of bright and dark sequences look pretty good so the panel performance is also actually pretty good the UI we did not face any lag works who have a beat and voice controls beat and navigating the UI after the initial the setup which does cause the UI to this happens in almost all Android TVs we test but once we got into the day to day usage of this television the UI worked quite well you can long-press the one plus button on the remote control to either are or choose between restart sleep or complete shutdown if then if you don’t have electricity problems in your area you could keep it in sleep that makes the boot up a lot faster and of course so one plus I said that it will support this television with androids made your television updates for the next three years so that’s another promise for you to get the latest and greatest that Android has to offer and one pluses history with a UI and OS updates have been pretty
consistent so to summarize for under fifty thousand rupees between 47 to fifty thousand rupees this one plus you 55 inch 4k HDR TV is pretty good it has niggles when it comes to the performance but considering the price and the overall value that you are getting it is a great TV to consider.


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