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The biggest release of the massive weekend of movie releases was Raat Akeli Hai, the mystery crime thriller rather Kelly here directed by debutante director Honey Trehan. 

It’s essential to understand in terms of work experience honey Trahan has been working in the film industry and has been involved in several film projects since the early 2000s actively been a part of the Vishal Bharadwaj school of filmmaking since mukbal the experienced individual finally got a chance on the director’s chair with this thriller.

 The film which is produced by one of my favorite production companies rsvp headed by Ronnie screw walla responsible for projects such as URI and sangria focuses on the mysterious murder of a patriarch of a dysfunctional family on the night of a wedding how a misplaced police officer inspector jatil Yadav played by NawazUddin Siddiqui takes over the case, and slowly and steadily the cd intentions actions and dynamics of the family unravel to narrow down on the perpetrator is the central premise of Raat Akeli Hai 

 Here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects in no particular order to ultimately decide whether this movie is worth watching on Netflix.

 The parallels 

I first want to get one thing out of the way, especially regarding the parallels created by the public after watching the trailer of the movie first technically knives out came out in September of 2019, and instead, Kelly had wrapped up shooting by April of 2019. the direct influence of the film from the creators is highly unlikely from a timeline perspective secondly if you have seen both the movie you will realize that both of them are incredibly different in pitch tonality treatment and especially on the message that they are trying to convey yes the film bears resemblance in the fact that it set in one location. 

An officer comes to the bottom of the case of who the perpetrator is. Still, about how the characters interact with one another, the relationship humor the social context is entirely different from the film. If a justified parallel has to create, I can think of Agatha christie’s novel called the crooked house published in 1949. the story of the murder of the family’s patriarch and the unraveling of the mysterious family members is relatively similar to that of Raat Akeli Hai dispersed focus and slow narrative the brilliance of the film.

 It does not waste time providing new information to the audience from the onset. It does not spend time setting up, and we have immediately showcased a dreadful event followed by jatil Yadav taking out the case. 

 However, you may feel this as a viewer is that midway through the film, you wonder whether the case’s focus is getting dispersed too many inconclusive fragments.

 The convoluted back and forth of jatil internal dialogue of personal wants and to come to the bottom of the case can become a bit tiring for the viewer the film is 2 hours and 30 minutes long and especially in the last 45 minutes of the movie as the movie transitions to the cop traveling in search of clues through various cities.

 Juxtaposed by a song composed by Sneha kanwalkar, there is a sense of lethargy in storytelling as it is quite contrary to the initial pacing of the film the movie could have easily chopped around 15 to 20 minutes of the video. It would have possibly made this film perfect in every way.

 The casting Coup

 The fact that the creators managed to get such a spectacular cast together for the project is exemplary, to say the least, the film possesses all the talent you should sing praises for and spread their work whenever it comes out because they represent what the craft requires skillful performances and an effortless way of immersing themselves in any world created by individuals behind the camera.

 Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the frustrated bachelor sharp and fearless in many ways as jatil Yadav, is phenomenal in this film; the actor is more or less in every movie frame. He carries intensity and the much-needed element of any thriller that will happen next intact with his believable and convincing performance. The contrast of his joke with his mother and his sense of assertion regarding the case is portrayed beautifully.

 It is so refreshing to see radhika update back in the film she plays the role of radha the bride whose husband dies on the night of her wedding she has feisty opinionated and ironically the only sign of independence in a household where women cease to have opinions of their own the supporting cast of the film each element is presented as if they belong in the world created by writer smitha singh shweda dr party has karuna you can literally see the helpless state of her character and the suffocation she feels in the otherwise palatial home literally and aditya is as the mla represent everything wrong with the bureaucratic systems in the country today both embody the characters we have seen in any official proceedings or organizations perfectly shredder dubai as jatal’s partner on the case swanan kirkere as the brother-in-law nishant Bhaya the nephew cunning and resolute in his way shivani raghuvanshi is basuda the surface-level condescension oozing out of a character in every frame padmavati rao as the matriarch a representation of the systemic issues that persist in that household ilaron is one actor that i have to come to later i can’t say enough for the cast of the film the performances are absolutely spectacular.

 The writing 

Smither Singh is the unsung hero of this film. Not only has she written the dialogues of the movie. Still, he is responsible for the screenplay as well as the story her impeccable writing especially stands out concerning the interaction among several characters jatil Yadav’s intimidation tactics with several family members that changes depending on the characteristics and their demeanor his constant back and forth with his mother of wanting and searching for the perfect bride for him ilaron. Nawazuddin Siddiqui were the highlights of the otherwise all over the place goom Ketu they share such natural chemistry that I couldn’t help myself but laugh at every scene that showcased the both of them the film perfectly balances.

 The humor and the dread never really getting saturated on either side indicate Vishal Bhardwaj’s sense of filmmaking that the exquisite use of fun inspires honey Trehan even in the direst situations.

The theme 

The film is more than just a whodunit thriller this film is a representation of the class differences that become extremely obvious in the process of law and order one which manipulates events for their suitability and the other that remain victims to the system it is a commentary on how judgement in india through class color and caste is the prerequisite for any interaction progressing this movie experience made me realize that this was precisely what i failed to acknowledge in my bulbul review as i got caught up in the minutia of a genre specific argument and overlooked the authoritative social commentary the film offered regarding the dire state of women in indian society you guys rightly pointed that out and i acknowledge my fallacies regarding my argument similarly rather Kelly here showcases the irony of majority households in india that spread sermons about respect and honor while behind closed doors that women are not able to love think and express freely a reflection of the dread many women have to face both in the world as well as the establishment they call home to march on to bear the injustice to be passive and to keep marching on Raat Akeli Hai  creates a powerful statement through its storyline.


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