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The massive digital movie release that intrigued me due to the esoteric visual treatment and storyline was the Malayalam film titled sufiyum sujathayum I’m translating to Sufi and Sujata directed by Shawn Abbasthe film which stars Jaya Surya, Aditi Rao Hydari and Dev Mohan in key roles focus on a mute girl who falls head-over-heels for a man a Sufi saint visiting his mentor how infatuation develops into deep love but is unacceptable to the family of Sujata alluding to the caste system and social customs that have been propagated for several years this leads to the father arranging the marriage of a mute child to an individual from the UAE leading to the extreme resentment and longing of her first love is the basic premise of Sufi am Sujata M in a day and age where we believe romance is the toughest to portray in Indian cinema only having a few outliers here’s me telling you whether this romantic drama worked as a holistic storyline.

 so here’s me presenting the good and bad aspects in no particular order of the film so there do you guys can ultimately decide whether it’s worth your time on Amazon Prime video or not 


 The feature that is toughest to express uniquely when you have a protagonist that is mute is to emote deep emotions and capture precisely that this art form requires a combination of skillful visuals a credible performance and most importantly the director’s cues especially in this case when the intention is to present an intense romance keeping in mind the visuals cinematographer Inomata Dodd has beautifully captured some moments acts of kindness and passionate love are expressed through gestures a glance or directly through the eyes the movie has moments where you can see Sujatha paid by Aditi Rao Hydari feel unexplainably drawn to the Sufi played by the Mohan his ways his body language and his demeanor she is in awe of all of it the harsh reality that I have to confess is that these moments stand out independently but don’t have a stronghold in making the otherwise very simplistic premise come out as a useful piece of art holistically. 


the issue that many people will feel while watching this film is its low base long-drawn-out sequences exist in the movie with minimal dialogues the problem is that rather than focusing on beautiful moments shared between the principal characters an aspect that can grow immense empathy among viewers to root for the forbidden love the creators depend on the beautiful music of the film to carry the weight of the intense human relationship when I look at the principal character like barfi played that on beer Kapoor the film balanced the use of music and moments brilliantly from carefree infatuation to a childlike simplicity from unconsolable heartbreak to a transformation of closure there was enough time spent between characters that was skillfully presented in contrast to the brief moments in the case of sufiyum sujathayum


 And performances the soul of the film hands down is the breathtaking music and extremely convincing performances of the cost the music created by M Jai Chandra mainly because of the magnetic and influential voice in the azan there is a lingering theme with the music that persists throughout its running minutes even though I think it was overworked the impactful and powerful songs such as alhamdulillah a Hindi song called kami Teri and vathilkkal vellaripravu will stay with you. The three principal characters however put forth such earnest performances Jayasuriya who plays the role of Rajeev an insurance firm worker who identifies the longing and sadness within his wife does an extremely commendable job there is an anger that brews within him a man oblivious to the intensity of the deep love she had for the Sufi Dave Mohan in his first film does a phenomenal job he immerses himself in the body language of a Sufi. This saint was of poverty and austerity his calm energy and the ease with which he executes the whirling dervishes will be a treat to watch I assure you you will fall in love with Aditi Rao Hydari she is so beautiful and those I depict an individual longing for that real feeling a feeling that can never be replicated a childlike wonder or developing into deep love is expressed brilliantly by high three I’ve been a fan of her work since London Paris New York and I’m awestruck on how her talent is so underutilized in Hindi cinema. 


The big ooh why the movie does not soar into becoming a classic romantic musical or forbidden love is due to the pure nature with which it takes on the journey to the conclusion the beats of the film become extraordinarily predictable and especially midway through the movie you will wonder how this film will soar into becoming a memorable one for the ages but it never really takes off because of the way the scenes unfurl it removes the sense of wonder within the viewers as you precisely know how things will transpire symbolism what the film beautifully captures and no one can deny this is its effective way with which it depicts 


A feather falling from the sky indicating a message from the angels of a log nearby where are they portrays a mute girl her role in society isn’t any different from her inability as suitors for Sujatha being discussed by primarily men one person says what’s the use of talking anyway which the father replies she doesn’t have a decision above my word clearly showcasing how Siddhartha never really has a choice to carve our own destiny a prophecy of a change an outcome when the tree bears fruit and several other metaphors that beautifully lend to enhance the otherwise simple story the film is a musical drama of forbidden love a first love so pureso real that it is unexplainable to replicate with anyone again love so tangible that you may be enveloped with acts of kindness now but you still are drawn to those memories the film portrays how a man of duty and austerity has to fight feeling human constantly the film in its effort to describe precisely this puts forth an earnest attempt but does not soar high to become a classic reminiscing the same theme I remembered the 1983 film remains of the day starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson and the helpless dilemma Hopkins character James Stevens fields between his duty and being unexplainably drawn toward Sally.

 It also reminded me of the intensity with which our fields are drawn to Mohan, knowing very well that their destiny is nothing but bleak as I said sufiyum sujathayum is a praiseworthy but simple attempt at the same. Still, in my opinion, it did not soul to become a classic in the genre.


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