Top 10 Most Realistic War Movies


War movies are a staple genre in cinema. Still, not all of them are as accurate as they appear The Hurt Locker, for example, is critically acclaimed but is unanimously considered unrealistic by Iraq war veterans, so we’ve compiled a top 10 list of war movies and miniseries that are nailed the experience of actually going to war according to actual veterans keep in mind that doesn’t necessarily mean historically accurate and different films resonate differently with individual veterans that said it’s time to drop.

10. jarhead starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a debatably accurate portrayal of the Gulf War based off the memoir of u.s. Marine Anthony Swiffer while many veterans feel that the film disgraces the Marines with exaggerated antics others saying that it captures one aspect of war very well the waiting it isn’t unheard of for troops do tour without ever seeing action firsthand downtime on deployment can be annoying with moments of terror interjected between hours and hours of monotony for this reason the hotly contested jarhead makes the bottom of our list.

9. lone survivor Mark Wahlberg’s lone survivor has its share of Hollywood action sequences, but it is praised for its betrayal of military tactics deadly communication issues and accurate usage of weaponry before a shootout, in particular, is considered a reliable representation of the claustrophobic chaos that accompanies firefights lone survivor also showcases real moral dilemmas the troops face and potential loss of life that taking the moral high ground can lead to

8. Black Hawk Down Blackhawk down gets criticized for skewing the historical events of the Battle of Mogadishu to paint the US forces in a more competent light, but veterans agree that the film truly captures the combat experience they have described the movie as rage and pts inducing because of its bleak firefights

7. Full Metal Jacket boot camp varies from branch to branch of the military, but many servicemen say Full Metal Jacket is in line with their training experience you know – the whole murder/suicide full metal gets the training regiment obstacle courses in the day day of primary correct modern-day drill instructors aren’t nearly as abusive sergeant Hartman, but they will still go as far as they are allowed to harden their recruits into battle-ready soldiers

6. Stalingrad the 1993 German movie Stalingrad is an anti-war film depicting the Battle of Stalingrad from the perspective of the Germans who if you remember your history lost that battle one of the great things about selling ground is that it comes without the lens of nationalism behind it it makes a point to show just how hopeless the German soldiers became throughout the battle and those that didn’t die on the field froze to death or committed suicide

5. Saving Private Ryan is regarded as one of the best war films ever and has one of the most realistic combat scenes in the history of cinema the opening landing scene on Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy is a brutal depiction of the realities of war unrelenting waves of blood mud and bullets till the first twenty minutes as hundreds of bodies fall after this scene however Spielberg starts to take artistic liberties with the events of the film

4. come and see come and see is a Russian war drama about the Nazi occupation of Belarus well certain aspects of the film venture into surrealism come and see is realistic to its core so much so that the director insisted on using live ammunition in certain scenes come and see highlights the emotional tolls that people pay when they see the horrors of war firsthand

3. band of brothers, while not a movie the miniseries Band of Brothers is considered one of the best depictions of world war two in the 12-hour miniseries is based off a real inventory regiment and the actors kept in constant contact with the actual veterans they were portraying on top of this band of brothers, has realistic battles that rival Saving Private Ryan

2. Generation Kill many ways Generation Kill is the most realistic fiction of modern soldiers to date the seven-part miniseries is both dark and humorous capturing the twisted psyches like soldiers adopt while at war Generation Kill is remarkably truthful down to the smallest detail like skills being part of Emory rations for these small details Generation Kill NAB’s a
number-two spot

1. Restrepo, nothing beats the real thing, so it is no surprise that the documentary Restrepo tops our list which struck will is comprised of firsthand footage of the Afghanistan war and is the Ross look of what it’s like to be on the front lines of a battlefield Restrepo drops yours into the adrenaline pulsing action with real lives on the line and is a must-watch film for understanding warfare no matter what your political stance on the war is so there they are the ten most realistic war movies.


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