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Train to Busan is a South Korean horror film that’s been out since 2016, and I am long due for a review of this movie. I’m excited to talk about it especially since its sequel peninsula comes out in August this films about a zombie outbreak that’s occurring and characters that are trap on a train that’s heading to Busan there are zombies on the train in certain cars as well as trying to board the train from the outside.

our cast of characters has to try to get through the train to safety without being turned or killed by the zombies in a sub-genre of horror like zombie movies that’s so overdone I honestly thought there were no great ways to do a zombie film left the Train to Busan proved me wrong this is one of the best zombie movies ever made

One of the reasons this film works so well is not just because of all of the genre thrills and the stuff that will please us gore hounds that it has in spades. Still, it’s an emotionally powerful movie it finds ways to put our characters in situations that are so overwhelming. It creates solutions and sometimes problems for our leads that are so heartbreaking that I found myself nearly tearing up this is a very emotionally satisfying movie; it’s devastating at times, no spoilers.

If you’ve never seen it, but this film is heart-wrenching it’s not just a movie about fun fight scenes in the middle of a train which I thought it was as I press play. Still, from the beginning, you recognize the talent in writing and the directing we have a father going through a divorce, and he’s visiting his daughter for her birthday. All she wants is to see her mom, so they get on a train to see her. Still, the way they set everything up is so beautifully subtle the opening scene is a random guy hitting a deer, and he’s like oh shit, and he drives off. They slowly put to the right to this deer, and it just starts contorting, and its bones are breaking, and it gets up, and its eyes are white. You’re like holy shit such an effective opening and from there on the movie never lets up whether it’s ingeniously building character or it’s building suspense train to Busan is brilliant at all so sets up great side-characters.

Train to Busan, starring Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Dong-seok Ma, Su-an Kim, Eui-sung Kim, Woo-sik Choi, Sohee. Directed by Sang-ho Yeon.

There’s a homeless man who boards the train, and at first, you’re kind of scared of him he seems like he might be infected himself. You don’t know what is going to do throughout the movie my favourite character in the film is a father-to-be whose wife is pregnant; he is very sarcastic. He’s at first put off by the selfishness of our main character, and that’s one of the other things about this movie that I was so impressed with from the start of the film within the first 20 minutes as far as the main character the father I thought to myself if he were to die early on I wouldn’t feel too bad. Still, throughout the movie, they develop him so well. Every character gets a high emotional arc throughout this zombie train movie that could easily be a DVD on the bottom of a barrel and fucking Walmart right now. Still, it’s not because they gave great attention to these characters, and by the end of the film, I was so invested.

In this guy, everyone in the movie gets a high arc. There are villains on this train that are 10 billion times worse than the zombies there’s this one guy who’s so incredibly selfish he wants to lock himself away and sequester everyone that he believes to not be infected in one side of the train. In contrast, other people who are fine he does not want to let the men he’s willing to endanger their lives and so similar to snowpiercer another South Korean movie on a train there’s social commentary present throughout this entire movie about the way certain people sequester themselves off from others speaking purely from a genre perspective the b-movie thrills are astonishing there are so many amazing sequences the stunt people contorting their bodies and throwing themselves all around is extremely impressive there’s a mind-blowing shot an aerial shot of all of these zombies attaching themselves to a train trying to stop it.

There’s a great sequence where they have to get from the train to train they found a unique and smart way for them to get past the zombies or fight the zombies in some way you get some great action scenes. Still, then they also use their and figure out ways to get past the zombies this entire film impressed me from start to finish, and it left me emotionally affected very deeply sat for a while and thought would not change a frame of this movie.

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