Visualisation Meditation


Relax, focus and embrace well-being through the power of positive visualization meditation practice.

Focusing on our senses enables us to more and more arrive in the present moment. 

For most of us, the sense of sight, is one of the strongest senses, the one with the highest activation and simultaneously with the strongest influence on our perception of the world. 

Our emotions are often caused due to what we see, what we perceive with our eyes or rather the interpretation the brain makes of that what we see. While emotions can be understood as the response of our body to the mind’s activities, they may be seen as the channel as one language of our mind-body connection.

Resulting from the gathered powers of mind and body, emotions and feelings may be one of the most powerful fuels to our actions, one of the greatest influences on our overall perception of ourselves, the people we live with, the world we live in. At the end, the perception of our own well-being and health. 

Visualisation, the process of actively / consciously creating images on the level of our mental sight / eye, enables us to consciously create wanted effects on our wellbeing and perception of that. By consciously choosing positive, empowering, motivating, relaxing … images, we are able to stimulize our body and mind with what it enables to gain whatever it needs in that exact moment or even for life in general.

Practicing visualisation, we benefit from the emotional state that we awake inside of ourselves consciously. A practice that can lead to balance of the vegetative nerve system, connection of brain and physical body, body-mind healing and simply a good feeling. 

Give it a try, close your eyes and consciously visualize the most empowering, beautiful, motivating, relaxing, healing … images you can. Feel it and embrace it. Notice, it’s all you!


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