Yoga Morning Routine


Living your day to the fullest by including a healthy morning routine.

A new day – a new chance – The power of a moving, positive, goal-orientated and holistic morning routine for body, mind and soul.

The alarm goes off, a new day starts. If it is Monday, for most of the people, that means that even a new week begins. While often it is especially crucial for us to start right – positive and productive / goal-orientated – into a new week, a daily healthy, positive, and well-being morning routine can have a high impact on every single day. 

While we sleep deeply, our brain waves are mainly in the frequency of the delta waves. Shortly after waking up, our brain waves stay in Alpha frequency. The state of Alpha waves is usually only reached during meditation, for example. It is considered to be ‘very healthy’ since it is the state where creativity arises, body healing happens, connection to intuition can be made, and the feeling of “oneness” may be felt. 

A morning routine that makes use of this particular state of the brain offers several benefits for our entire wellbeing. To address the wholeness of our body, this morning routine would in the best case combine physical movements, affirmative, conscious and useful mind-activities with healthy nutritional food. A holistic yoga may make an essential part of such a routine. Through a sequence of asanas (body movements/positions), conscious breathing exercises (Pranayama) and goal-orientated visualization, it may enable to start consciously, positive and motivated – merely full of wellbeing – into a new day. 

The peaceful, vital and energetic morning atmosphere can be used beneficially in order to enhance out well-being, our productivity, performance and overall success.


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