Yoga with Blackroll (fascial roll)


You have a Blackroll at home and at the same time you like practicing Yoga?

You already felt that your blackroll can support you during your yoga practice or you’d like to know how and why it can do so?

The physical practice of Yoga is probably one of the oldest ways of fascial training. Practising the different asanas (body exercises during Yoga), various body systems response. One of them is the fascial structures of your body. This mainly happens through the stretching components of the yoga practice. 

The training using the fascial roll (Blackroll) often aims explicitly for improving the flexibility and ability for stretching of the fascial structures. Through classical rolling exercises as well as through different activities where the roll serves as aid tool, contractions and sticking structures can be released. 

Focusing on the physical aspect of the yoga practice now, and we take the black roll with us, we will soon see its capacity of supporting our practice. Combining the black roll with traditional asanas may lead to an improvement of flexibility or posture, pain release, increasing relaxation or simply may add up to overall wellbeing. Also, may exercise using the black roll BEFORE the usual Yoga practice prepares the body well for the following asanas. 

Rolling the outer thigh
Rolling the back


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